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Thomas A. Dorsey is considered the father of Gospel Music. He started recording as a blues and jazz composer but soon developed a taste for secular music which gained a more energetic rhythm from his composing style. While this sound was rejected by many black religious leaders, the secular form of rhythm and blues caught on with gospel songs such as “Death Comes a Knocking”. And are still popular to date.

However, when Black singer Dorsey joined forces with the formidable vocalist Mahalia Jackson, their new sound overcame the rejection of religious leaders as the beautiful music spread across the country. Dorsey’s gospel songs were popular sheet music sellers. Through their music, the National Convention of Gospel Choirs, Choruses and groups like the Dignity Gospel Quartet was formed.

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 What is Houston Gospel Music?  Black Gospel music offers an uplifting spiritual music genre rooted in the deep south. Deeply influenced by African American history, it has continued to develop with new sounds that still maintain the integrity of the spiritual, inspirational aspects of the music. Listen online free on our website or download our app for immediate access to The Best in Houston Gospel Music.

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In the 1930s southern gospel music began to become very popular and often played while Christians were celebrating God’s grace. Here’s a bit of history that you might find interesting: African American composers focused on biblical themes as well as the idea of emancipation. Sam Lucas, a popular composer of the time offers an example of these influences in his song “De Gospel Cars”. Helping to spread appreciation for gospel music entertainment, African Americans migrated to the cities in the first half of the twentieth century, sharing their worship culture with new communities. It was in the new storefront churches of American cities that Gospel music was able to develop leading to three types of gospel: The Role of the Black Church & Houston Black Gospel Music in Houston, Texas 

  • Hymn style music like that of Charles Albert Tindley based on negro spirituals with instrumental improvisation and a more bluesy sound
  • Minimalist, solo-sung “rural Gospel” tunes deeply rooted in rural blues
  • Worship style of the Holiness-Pentecostal branch of the Christian church

Also, a shift to Gospel became the common sound of African American religious song recordings throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

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Today black gospel music online encompasses a wider variety of music from its early development with its more simplified recordings with piano or organ, to the rich male quartets and solo artists to the more modern singers with complete bands or orchestras. Another popular instrument you will hear is the slide guitar dubbed “sacred steel” by gospel lovers, as well as some acapella spirituals.

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From singers like Aretha Franklin to recordings like “O Happy Day” by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, and emerging new artists like Andrae Crouch, Take 6, The New York Community Choir and the Cultural Heritage Choir, you’ll discover gospel music online free sure to inspire and uplift you. The musical renditions of black gospel music have been embraced by a wide variety of listeners, while also being performed by artists of all walks of life. tune in to A Better Gospel online or download our app and listen to Black Gospel Music Online free.

From solo performers to small ensembles and from bands to symphony orchestras gospel music offers something for everyone. It appeals to people of all ages and cultures thanks to its intricate stylings, beautiful lyrics, and masterful arrangements.

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